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Feeding systems for cages, raceways, ponds and RAS operations


IAS Products Ltd provides standard and customised feeding systems to ensure optimal feeding of the fish in your farm with the strategically sized feeding equipmenm.This optimize feed delivery and broadcast coverage and secure the best feed conversion rates.

We offer a broad range of feed systems, feed broadcasting, and feed monitoring control equipment designed to address the most extreme farm operating environments and requirements.

More than 30 years of design and manufacturing expertise has gone into the creation of a diverse aquaculture equipment mix, ranging from small, mobile centrifugal blower style AeroSpreader to MiniMax™ automated and centralized fish feeding systems using positive displacement blowers, cyclonics, and fish feed spinner broadcasting technologies, as well as customised RAS solutions.


AeroSpreader feed broadcasters

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MiniMax™ Automated Feed Delivery System

  • Flexible, cost effective alternative to large, costly centralized bulk feed delivery systems
  • Modular components for easy configuration for specific farm site requirements
  • Metered feed dispensing with operator set feed delivery amount and feed delivery rate

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AutoSpreader™ RAS

  • Fish feed pellet automatic feeders for tank or raceway applications
  • Centerless auger designed to distribute feed across the entire surface or selected portions of tanks or raceways
  • Reduce competition with broad-face feed drop
  • Operator set feed delivery duration and amount using PLC controller
  • No feed dust


Aerite™ Feed Spinner

  • Engineered to broadcast fish feed pellets 360-degrees, up to 30 meters diameter
  • Can be placed in a pond, on a barge, or on floats in a cages.
  • 200 kg or 500 kg hopper capacity
  • Unrestricted feed pellet flow from hopper to spinner outlet
  • Minimum feed drop distance from hopper outlet to spinner for optimum feed trajectory and spread
  • Manually adjustable settings for spinner nozzle and feed dispensing auger
  • Automatic feed dispensing times and durations using FeedMaster™ PLC
  • Refill hopper manually or integrate with Cyclonic Decelerator and MiniMax™ Feed Delivery System to refill from shore or barge

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Feed spinner

Feed Handling

  • Conveyor or auger driven feed loaders designed for single operator control
  • Retain best feed pellet integrity with minimum feed handling


PescaPex Pipe = advanced piping system


PescaPex Pipe is a well-known product from the housing and the mining industry. In the mining industry, it is used in a rough environment which often is corrosive with temperatures up to 65 degr. C, and pressure up to 13 bar. Therefore you can expect that the PescaPex Pipes will have a very long life in the feeding system. We have seen it up and running for at least 15 years in a farm the Mediterranian area without problems neither internal in the pipe nor breakdown external.

It is also very flexible and can be installed without any careful handling.


PescaPex Pipes have a very smooth inner surface and it is impossible to break, so it stays the same. The smooth inside is preventing dust and clogging of feed in the pipes, avoiding stop of feeding and pipe repair. This is contributing to a continuous and cost effective feeding and growth for the fish.


PescaPex Pipes are very flexible and with memory so the pipes resist very well harsh weather and all challenges with hurricanes and storms. The memory ensures that after even strong challenges with heavy bending of the pipes - the pipes will go back to original shape.


With length of 300 meter pipes and easy joining with Electro fusion, even long distances feeding can be managed. This makes PescaPex Pipe very well suited for feeding systems in aquaculture indoor and outdoor.


Why PEX?
















PescaPex Pipe Durability test and crosslinked molecule


PescaPex Pipe pipes are justifiably regarded as the “high-tech” of the pipe industry. Their enhanced properties, such as resistance to high temperatures, harsh conditions, and abrasion, as well as PescaPex Pipes excellent long-term durability, have revolutionized the applications of domestic sanitation, infrastructure, industry, slurry transportation, pumping water and more.

Use of PescaPex Pipes in industrial and mining applications worldwide is constantly increasing due to the obvious advantages of PescaPex Pipe.


Contact us for further information on testing the PescaPex Pipe.



ARDAG Read Sea Marine Agriculture have been using PescaPex Pipes in our feeding system for the last

four years. We decided to use PescaPex Pipes after having occasionally holes in the old MERIFLEX (HDPE) pipes. The holes were drilled out by friction made by the pellets running inside the pipe.


The old MERIFLEX pipes started to have holes after 300-400 tons of feeding running inside (which

means 10 kg of food per minute with an average speed of 16 meters per second).


The new PescaPex Pipes started to have holes only after 1000 tons of pellets.

We submersed 4 main PescaPex Pipes of 300 m at a depth of 6 m starting from the feeding system on the shore to the selector at the fish farm, and then spread to the cages.


We are highly satisfied with the quality of the PescaPex Pipe. It is stiff and heavy-duty to use so we have less maintenance problems with it.


Asher Bender

Ardag Fish Farm Maintenance Manager 2003



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IAS Products ltd.


IAS Products Ltd. is a Canadian company specialized in feeding solutions for aquaculture. 

IAS Products was founded in 1987 in Canada and the company have collected a lot of experience through the years. They aim to create customized feeding solutions to the customers to create most value possible by eliminating feed waste, create optimum feeding pattern and reducing fcr.




Golan Plastic Products Ltd specializes in developing, manufacturing, and supplying systems for a broad range of applications. The company has more than 30 years experience manufacturing flexible pipes to the global market using cutting-edge techniques and innovative production methods. PescaPex and MULTYGOL pipe manufacturing is supervised by international standard institutes and has ISO-9001:2008 certification.


Golan Plastics Products provide PEX plastic pipe solutions for architects, waterworks consultants, infrastructure engineers, mining and chemical industry engineers, as well as PEX plastic pipe for water, gas and slurry pipeline distribution network managers