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CAP Brackets

CAP brackets is strong injection brackets designed to meet the demand for high quality brackets which can resist the severe weather conditions.

CAP Brackets are superior compared to steel brackets because of it’s high quality PE in order to eliminate corrosion and minimize expensive maintenance. CAP Brackets also have longer life time compared to steel brackets.

CAP Brackets offer superior structural strength, UV resistance and long lifetime




CAP Cages


CAP cages are developed to withstand severe weather conditions without breaking. Brackets and rings are produced from high quality PE with no need for expensive maintenance.

All CAP cage solutions will be customized to your individual needs. This ensure you the best possible solution for optimal and safe farming.

We can deliver complete cages in different perimeters and with different SDR or  we can supply all necessary equipment for building your cages like PE pipes, handrail, brackets, net hooks etc.

CAP Cages is a perfect solution in areas with severe weather conditions because of the strength of the cages. 


  • Provides safe farming conditions
  • Can handle severe weather conditions.
  • Available with different perimeters
  • Customized solutions for your benefit
  • Superior structural strange
  • Improved durability and long life time


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