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AquaProcess is working closely with selected suppliers within the aquaculture industry and

Offers high quality key products. Our overall aim is to support professional fish farmers with targeted solutions for their specific needs.



Flex Gard Antifouling.

Flex Gard is a range of high performing Antifouling. The product range is based on more than 40 years of R&D and experience globally. Flex Gard is highly efficient against all known fouling and the product range offers specialized products targeting specific challenges such as hydroids and mussels.


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Flex Protect Coating

Flex Protect is a range of non – metallic coatings especially developed for protecting nets and ropes. The Flex Protect coatings offers protection against UV, increases breaking strength, extend net life and is highly recommended for nets which is washed by automatic net cleaning devices in the sea. AquaProcess represents Fleabag /Aquatic in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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PEXGOL pipes for automatic feeding systems.

AquaProcess is representative of Golan offering the PEXGOL pipes to the aquaculture sector. PEXGOL is a well-known product from the housing industry and also from mining industry. PEXGOL pipes are very well suited for the feeding systems in aquaculture as the inner surface is very smooth, impossible to break inside so the surface stays the same. Therefore it is preventing dust and clogging of feed in the pipes, which is contributing to a cost effective feeding. PEXGOL pipes are very flexible and with memory so the pipes resist very well harsh weather. With length of 300 meter pipes and easy joining with Electro fusion, even long distances feeding can be managed.


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Equipment for fish farms

Calitri is a well-known fish counter company from Belgium. Calitri is known for their high quality and their accurate measurements.

Calitri fish counters are very reliable and are known for long life time.

There is low maintenance on Calitri fish counters and they are easy to use.

Calitri fish counters are very flexible and can be used on graders, in ponds, on a tank or on pipes.


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Veolia Hydrotech drum filters is a mechanical and self-cleaning filter designed for high performance.

Hydrotech have a long history and experience on the market for water filtration. This means they have a lot of knowledge on water filtration.

Hydrotech have proven through the years that their innovative custom made solutions is the best fit for fish farmers all over the world. 

Hydrotech tailor the solutions to fish farmer’s needs. This secure that fish farmers get the best solution available. This secure optimal water cleaning for fish farmers.


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Feeding Systems


IAS is a Canadian feed hopper producer. They are experts in custom tailored feeding solutions to fish farmers. They are well-known for feed hoppers with long life time.

IAS AeroSpreader is available in different sizes from 125 kg and up.

IAS also have the MiniMax system which is a build-on system where you can extend the feeding system along with increase in production.


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ARDAG Read Sea Marine Agriculture have been using Pexgol pipes in our feeding system for the last

four years. We decided to use Pexgol pipes after having occasionally

holes in the old MERIFLEX (HDPE) pipes. The holes were drilled out by friction made by the pellets running inside the pipe.


The old MERIFLEX pipes started to have holes after

300-400 tons of feeding running inside (which

means 10 kg of food per minute with an average

speed of 16 meters per second).


The new Pexgol pipe started to have holes only after 1000 tons of pellets.

We submersed 4 main PEXGOL pipes of 300 m at a depth of 6 m starting from the feeding system on the shore to the selector at the fish farm, and then spread to the cages.


We are highly satisfied with the quality of the PEXGOL pipe. It is stiff and heavy-duty to use so we have less maintenance problems with it.


Asher Bender

Ardag Fish Farm Maintenance Manager 2003