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Hydrotech water filtration

Aquaprocess is very proud to announce that Veolia has appointed our company to distribute their high performing range of Hydrotech filters.


Hydrotech was founded in 1984 when the Company introduced a new patented design that revolutionized filter technology. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and know-how, Hydrotech is able to provide you with cost-efficient filters of great quality and the support that you can count on. Our systems are used in more than 8200 installations around the world, proof of the quality, reliability and professionalism our customers have come to expect from Hydrotech.


Today, Hydrotech filters can offer taylor made filtration solutions to meet your actual demand for the benefit of your fish and an improved production conditions in your farm.


If you need optimal filtration solutions, turn to the market leader Hydrotech; Do not hesitate to contact us and we will investigate your need



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BioFishency plug and play system

- improving water quality for better fish growth

The BioFishency Single Pass Biofilter (“SPB”) system is designed to make highly-effective water treatment accessible and appropriate for widespread use in land-based aquaculture. In the plug-and-play, all-in-one water treatment system, the water flows from the top down, removing CO2 and ammonia, and oxygenating the water before being recycled back into the tank.


BioFishency’s cost-effective, all-in-one water treatment system for land-based aquaculture costs a fraction of the cost of high-end water treatment systems and requires minimal infrastructure and expertise. It operates with all different aquaculture methods and enables fish growers to upgrade their existing facilities while using installed infrastructure and working methods.


The BioFishency system enhances water conditions, enabling more feed for increasing fish production with minimal investment.


  • 95% reduction in water use (intensive tanks)
  • 2-5 fold increase in yields (extensive ponds)
  • 2x nitrification (ammonia removal) for improved water quality
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Easy to install (plug-and-play installation); no special infrastructure required
  • Small footprint, low maintenance


The proprietary substrate used in the system can be sold as a stand-alone product for a range of water treatment applications.


Test on Danish Trout farm April 2016:

We are testing the BioFishency in a Danish Trout farm where the main problem is too high CO2 levels in the fish tanks.


Goals of the visit and installation are as follow:

  • Short term: To examine the ability of the system to reduce the CO2 concentration in the water – 24-48h trails.
  • Long term: To examine the ability of the system to reduce the TAN levels in the water- 3-4 month trail.


Table 1: CO2 one pass efficiency


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

% one pass

Fish tank


14 ppm

16 ppm

16 ppm

24 ppm

24 ppm

60 %



6 ppm

8 ppm

8 ppm

13 ppm

11 ppm


We are now awaiting the long term examinations and will publish them as soon as they are ready.

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Hydrotech drumfilters are the most cost effective solution to improve water quality in the aquaculture



Our rapid response to industry needs from

complete support to supplying spare parts has made us the preferred choice in water filtration.




The team behind BioFishency:


Cobi Levanon, CEO:


18 years in aquaculture in Israel and abroad; consultant and project manager for fish farms and industrialization of aquaculture in Israel, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast, independently and through Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture


Igal Magen, CTO:


More than 13 years of experience in aquaculture in Israel and abroad; consultant and project manager for projects in Africa; former head, Aquaculture Division, Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture