Antifouling & Coating

Your fish thrive with clean nets.

A net service strategy designed for your challenges and the exposure of your farm means a healthy growth environment for your fish by promoting good water flow which secure the oxygen levels and maintain the good feeding of the fish. Cleaner nets require fewer changes or washings in the sea- meaning less stress to the fish population in the cage.

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The FlexGard product range offers a variety of water based antifouling products that resist marine growth including barnacles, hydroids and mussels.

Combining a special polymeric resin matrix for controlled leach out rate of the active substances with a proportional lower copper content – (and less copper released to environment) increases the performance in the sea greatly.


The FlexProtect product range enables you to protect your nets against all known challenges- if the fish are biting the nets, if you want to increase net strength, to protect the nets if using net cleaning devices in the sea- all in all if you want prolonged net life, the FlexProtect range offers the appropriate product.

The FlexProtect product range also includes a coating accepted for organic fish farming.


FlexPrime seals the net fibers so that the antifoulant remains on the nets surface, reducing consumption of antifouling while maintaining efficacy.


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About Flexabar Aquatech

Flexabar Aquatech was founded in 1953 in New Jersey by Mr. Richard Guglielmo. The focus in the company has always been antifouling and coatings for various purposes.

Initially, formulations developed for application to boats were used and adopted. That was the beginning of Flexabar's ongoing process of developing antifouling to meet all requirements in the different marine environments worldwide under the brand FlexGard.

Today we are specialists in water based antifouling coatings that cover all requirements and meet environmental regulations at a competitive price. Recent years, R&D work has changed in direction of working closely with customers in order to meet the very specific needs that are appearing around the world. As Flexabar is working globally we are meeting biofouling challenges that appears locally- and our aim is to enter a working relationship with our customers to help them optimizing their production and fight their challenges locally.

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