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Good practice in fish farming is often depending on good equipment. This goes from feeding over grading to transport of the fish, as all carried out in a careful way, taking the well-being of the fish into account. Also good net-washing equipment is giving clean nets, resulting in a continuous water flow in the cages, again ensuring the highest possible level of oxygen in the cages.

We therefore offer a range of equipment which can assist to keep good practice at fish farms in pond, cage and RAS culture.

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Calitri Fish Counters

The fish counters from the family owned company Calitri in Belgium is well known for their high quality, the low maintenance and the accurate measurement.

  • Very robust and long service life
  • Easy to handle: weight below 25 kg
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • All connections are waterproof and viable
  • Can supply counters from 1 g to 4,5 kg
  • Infrared detection
  • Flexible in use: can be placed on the grader, in the pond, on a tank or on the pipes.
  • Competitive pricing and delivery options

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IAS SeeMate Underwater Monitoring

Monitor fish behavior, feed pellet drop rates, and best pellet broadcast positioning over the cage surface.

Ideal for monitoring net billowing and water current strength during feeding regime to ensure all feed reaches the fish. No matter what the application SeeMate PLUS cameras are designed for long-term extreme underwater environments.

  • May be mounted either on a net ring, a J-hook or a bracket.
  • Tough polymer housing that withstands extreme water conditions.
  • Connects to a 2-wheeled mobile monitoring system for quick deployment penside or on a boat or aircraft.

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Other Equipment

Our suppliers are carefully selected according to quality and performance, as well as customer interest and need. All Equipment is tested by professional fish farmers.

Screw Elevators

Based on Archimedes principle where the whole pipe is turning, which ensures a careful lift of the fish. Taylor made solutions can be offered as to a transportable system in desired length.

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Belt Graders

For pond farming (earth and concrete) where fish are gently graded and separated. As the Grader can be lifted up, fish can slide into transport tanks or in pipes to the new pond. For cage farming both the belt grader and screw elevator can be placed on a small boat or barge.

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Net Washing Machines

Available in various sizes depending on your net size. Contact us for more details.

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Mort Treatment Unit

Ensures full sterilization and recycling of the waste product and prepares it for usage either in feed factories or composting facilities. The unit offers controlled thermal sterilization in a fully computerized process: just fill the tank and let the unit work.

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