The overall purpose of the company is to provide high performing solutions to professional fish farmers globally.

We achieve this by working with selected suppliers and products and by giving priority to high performing products that fulfill the required performance in the best way or even better than expected. We do our utmost to connect the right customers and the right suppliers using all the experience and global network we have gained throughout the years.

Aquaprocess is owned and managed by Gitte Christensen. Gitte has a long and broad experience from the aquaculture business- from extensive farming systems through pond and cage farming to the closed Recirculated Aquaculture Systems RAS and we have been around most farmed fish in cold and warm water – and in fresh and sea water.

Who we are

Gitte Christensen Manager Gitte has been in the industry since 1989, with fish feed, additives and fertilized trout eggs, experiencing the structural changes in the salmon and the trout farming business in the UK, Norway and Denmark. Currently she focuses on RAS systems and providing optimal feeding solutions for fish farmers.
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